ČSOB Group

ČSOB is a leading bank-insurer and technology company with innovation deep in its heart, helping its clients to take care of their everyday needs and meeting them halfway with its product and service selection and its very high availability. ČSOB knows that digitalisation and non-stop product and technology innovation are the only way forward. In its innovations, it primarily focuses on housing, transportation, payments, the education system and flexibility. ČSOB is the #1 player on the card-payments market in public transport (over 750,000 tickets are paid for using ČSOB cards every month), and it cooperates with cities and other communities on a number of other smart solutions as well, such as parking systems operating in dozens of cities. It's also part of the team behind Klíčenka, a multi-purpose chip-based tool for schoolchildren, and it's behind the unique "Smart Terminal with Donor App" project. ČSOB's headquarters is home to Surf Studio, a showcase that integrates and demonstrates a variety of modern technologies and innovations.



Solaris is a leading European manufacturer of innovative public transportation vehicles, such as buses, trolleybuses and interurban buses. Established in 1996, the company has so far delivered over 17,000 vehicles to customers in 32 countries. Solaris specialises in the production of modern urban and interurban buses and boasts the world's widest range of diesel-electric hybrid buses on offer. Trolleybuses and electric buses provide public transportation services that are emission-free at the point of delivery. In 2011, the first Polish Urbino electric battery-operated bus was officially launched on the market. Since then, Solaris has made its way to becoming Europe's e-mobility leader, offering a broad range of battery buses with various types of batteries and various charging options. All Solaris products are technologically advanced and based on state-of-the-art solutions and components.


Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o. is known for its work in constructing, renovating, modernising and repairing passenger and freight vehicles for rail transport – but it is especially well-known on the market for manufacturing and modernising trams for urban transport networks. For the latter activities, it has joined up with Pragoimex a.s. and VKV Praha s.r.o within the Aliance TW Team. The team's members jointly manufacture, repair, renovate and modernise trams, supply replacement traction-motor parts for rail vehicles and trolleybuses, provide comprehensive tram servicing and perform design work for transportation equipment and facilities.


Since 1992, SUPTel has been building and servicing engineering networks and technologies in the areas of wireless and land-line telecommunications networks, camera and monitoring systems, low-voltage and high-voltage electrical networks, and sewage, gas and heating networks. The company also implements smaller transport structures and surface treatments as well.

Škoda Transportation is a major European company in transportation engineering. Its large investments into in-house research and development have made it capable of manufacturing a wide portfolio of modern means of transportation that meet the latest safety standards. Its primary products include low-floor trams, trolleybuses, electric locomotives, suburban train units, motors and complete drive units for transportation systems. The group stably employs five thousand people. Škoda's products are truly modern – they're manufactured using entirely new infrastructure that was constructed just a few years ago on Škoda's traditional grounds for over two billion crowns. Škoda Transportation has a number of subsidiaries, joint companies etc. in both the Czech Republic and other countries such as Finland, Hungary, Russia and Germany. Thanks to top-of-the-line work by over seven hundred design engineers, draughtsmen and designers and hundreds of millions of crowns a year invested into in-house research and development, Škoda Transportation is able to introduce new and modern products that consistently earn their place on global markets.


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