ČSOB Group

The ČSOB group is one of the three largest financial services groups in the Czech Republic and the market leader in mortgages, building savings, private banking and leasing.

We serve our clients through multiple brands and distribution channels, managing a portfolio of businesses that are in different stages of development and have different market positions. The ČSOB group has the ambition to deliver strong and sustainable performance. To reach this goal, the management continuously evaluates its strategic choices and manages the group's business portfolio. Key resources (human capital, equity, liquidity and investments into IT development) are allocated to areas that best fit this ambition. As a response to both external and internal challenges, and particularly trends towards digitising and commoditising traditional banking and insurance products and services, we are transforming our business model to better serve the needs of clients while reinforcing core capabilities to sustain the ČSOB group's position on the financial services market.

ČSOB is also a market leader in services connected with modern methods to pay for public transportation tickets and parking. We operate systems that enable easy bank card payments for tickets, paperless boarding and alighting, and time-restricted passes tied to the passenger's bank card. Our payment solutions for public transportation and parking can be found in cities throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Solaris is a leading European manufacturer of innovative public transportation vehicles, such as buses, trolleybuses and interurban buses. Established in 1996, the company has so far delivered over 17,000 vehicles to customers in 32 countries. Solaris specialises in the production of modern urban and interurban buses and boasts the world's widest range of diesel-electric hybrid buses on offer. Trolleybuses and electric buses provide public transportation services that are emission-free at the point of delivery. In 2011, the first Polish Urbino electric battery-operated bus was officially launched on the market. Since then, Solaris has made its way to becoming Europe's e-mobility leader, offering a broad range of battery buses with various types of batteries and various charging options. All Solaris products are technologically advanced and based on state-of-the-art solutions and components.


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