Josef Veselý

Josef Veselý is Head of Development at the City of Brno Municipal Transport Company (DPMB). He is responsible for the transportation system's overall concept, with its strategic pillars including priority traffic control and public transport quality.

In his current position, he builds on his previous work experience which he gained as a transportation structural engineer, a member of the team responsible for transport management at DPMB, and during his former transport-related job at the Brno municipality. He co-authored and implemented a systemic reorganisation of the public transport system in Brno (1995) and helped establish the Integrated Transport System of the South Moravia Region, including the management of the regional transport authority KORDIS JMK (2002). Josef was instrumental in drafting policy documents on the municipal public transport network's control and information system, the principles of fare policy restructuring to meet the needs of an integrated transport system and policy documents to optimise municipal public transport operations and to increase its prestige. The papers were used in drafting the Sustainable Mobility Plan for the City of Brno.