For Tuesday evening, a social evening at the former PMDP depot building on Cukrovarská Street has been organised for you.

This space is now presented under the banner Depo2015, as it was used as a central venue for many events held in 2015, when Pilsen held the title of European Capital of Culture. Although much has changed since we left the depot, it has retained its special patina and industrial character.

Drum Show

To add a little variety to the social evening, we have organised an original drum show to take place as part of the event. Tokhi & the Groove Army’s drum show is the latest original project based on the principles of Brazilian samba, but in some respects it goes beyond the genre. The drum group uses instruments that are typical for sunny Brazil: the surdo, caixa, caxixi, pandeiro, tamborim, ganza, timba and more. Besides the classic rhythms of Samba bateria, Groove Army also plays modern beats inspired by hip hop, R&B, groove and rhythms from all corners of the globe.