Udo J. Becker

Udo Becker graduated in industrial engineering in the field of Transport and Environment from the University of Karlsruhe. He received Fulbright-Scholarship at the Ohio State University, Columbus (OH), USA in 1990. His former positions include Researcher at the Institute of Transportation, University of Karlsruhe; Consultant and Senior Consultant at a Swiss private consultancy; Lecturer in Transportation Economics at the Basel University in Switzerland. He is currently Professor of Transportation Ecology at the Dresden University of Technology and a long-time lecturer at the Centre for International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management (CIPSEM).

The main areas of his research focus include: Emissions of road traffic and other modes (measurement, modelling, future developments); Energy and CO2 in transport worldwide (all countries, transport totals, each mode); Sustainable mobility: definition and approaches; Positive and negative external and internal effects of transport (“true costs of transport”); Sustainable Transport Development in cities and regions, worldwide.

Prof. Becker is a member of the Scientific Committee of Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (VCD) in Berlin (1994 – to date); President and/or Member of the Board of Dresden Institute for Transport and Environment (DIVU) e.V. (1996 to date); Member of the Board of Dr. Joachim und Hanna Schmidt Stiftung für Umwelt und Verkehr (foundation for Environment and Transport) (2007- to date).